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Discussion in 'Film and TV' started by Snowman, Nov 11, 2018.

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    As some of you may know, until just recently I was a member of MoviePass and big supporter of the service, at least until they purposely made it practically impossible to actually see a movie. On another forum, some people called me their biggest "cheerleader." As a (imperfect) replacement, I signed up for Sinemia now that I am hooked on seeing new movies again.

    Not real pleased that Sinemia recently decided to add an arbitrary (bogus) $1.80 charge per ticket! Sooooo disappointing because I really wanted them to be less shady than MoviePass. I very nearly canceled the service over this, but changed my mind since it is still much cheaper than paying $10-15 per ticket. Hopefully the Facebook app will continue to waive the service charge after December. Right now I have the 3 movie a month plan, but I am quite interested in the new "one a day" Monday-Thursday deal (for about $23).

    I'd like to hear about other people's experiences and thoughts on these services.

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    MoviePass' financial woes continue and instead of getting better, it is now worse. Which is interesting, since any remaining customers can't even see a movie now unless they are very, very lucky.

    Their parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. reported a net loss of $129 million dollars in the third quarter versus a loss of $43 million in the second. Ouch! Shares are trading at two cents, despite a 1:250 reverse stock split in July. Recent plans for another reverse stock split (of 1:500 shares) has lost steam due to not enough support for the plan.

    MoviePass parent Helios and Matheson reports net losses tripled in third quarter

    In other MoviePass news, 10 hours ago on Facebook they posted a message about Coldplay's documentary movie "A Head Full of Dreams" and said "get your tickets". The one day showing was last night. It's hard to believe but one person did say it was available on his MoviePass app last night at his local Regal as a free bonus film. Can anyone confirm that? o_O
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    We don’t see enough movies in theaters to make it worth our expense each month BUT as our daughter gets older that may change. If so I would totally look into this. When we took her to see a movie last month it was almost $50 after tickets, popcorn and drinks - and that was the cheap showing!
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    Yes, I agree. The prices are really crazy now to see a movie at the theatre. That's why so many showings only have a handful of customers. Fifteen dollars for a soda and popcorn in addition to $9-15 for a ticket is just not a good entertainment value. No doubt most people compare that to one full month of streaming with Netflix or HBO and it's no contest. That's why MoviePass was so awesome last year. Finally movies become affordable again for the average person.

    The AMC A-List program is currently the best option for movie lovers now. It's $20 and you can see three movies a week at their theatres. That's a pretty awesome deal if you live in an area where they compete. However, they are not available in my area. I am hoping for Cinemark to offer a similar program.
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    I saw somebody post this today on FB:

    "I think I saw around 18 movies in 6 months with MP. I'm on pace to see 12 movies my 1st month with AMC."

    If everyone is doing this, I don't see the AMC plan sticking around for long. Doesn't sound profitable to me to me unless that person is buying a lot of snacks at the concession, which seems very doubtful.
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    Learned about a new class action lawsuit against MoviePass in California. In a safe harbor notice to MoviePass and its parent, the attorneys allege that MoviePass' conduct amounted to false advertising under California Civil Code 1770(a)(6) and other unspecified statutes in state and federal law.

    Here's a link to the letter that was sent a couple of months ago. I haven't seen the actual pleadings yet.

    Tabas Et Al v MoviePass Inc Et Al Candce-18-07087 0001.2
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