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Discussion in 'Music Square' started by Snowman, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Snowman

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    This thread is for discussion about interesting songs in TV commercials.

    I really like that current Culligan Water commercial about how everything and everybody drinks water. I guess the spot is called "Drinks, Drinks, Drinks". And I kinda like the quirky song too. The song is called “Pumper” by Mai Lan. It's on her album called Autopilote, released this past January. I never heard of her until now. It looks like she a Cher thing going on.

  2. Snowman

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    Well, I had to check out the entire song and it's great! Found it on YouTube. Love the music and the video is very creative also. "This heat is hard to bear!" :cat:

    "Pumper" by Mai Lan

  3. Benno123

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    I can’t find anything but I swear at one time there was a Selsun Blue commercial using “Song Sung Blue!”
  4. Snowman

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    I don't recall that, but when searching for it, I discovered the "multi-talented" Neil performed on a number of commercials for Coca-Cola in the late 60's. Check out the "Coca-Cola Jingle A Go-Go" - it's a pretty good song! The second one isn't bad either.

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  5. Benno123

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    That’s great! When I looked the Coke videos didn’t come up in my searches.

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