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Discussion in 'Music Square' started by Snowman, Nov 12, 2018.

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    Post about your latest Thrift Shop CD finds here! Lots of people are dumping their collection (or perhaps an unwanted collection they inherited) and prices have fallen like a rock.

    I used to work at a large music chain when CDs were new and for years we sold them for about $15 a pop all day long. Many customers would buy more than one and it wasn't uncommon to ring up $75 or more per transaction. It's still shocking to me to see how their perceived value has disappeared. But for CD lovers, in some ways this is the best of times due their new affordability.
  2. Snowman

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    I will be the first to post ...

    Today a local thrift store was blowing out CDs (and movies too). CDs were 5 for a $1 and no sales tax! It was pretty picked over because they have been doing this for a few weeks and I didn't see much of a fresh supply. I got 45 titles for $9.

    Here's a random stack of 6 from the pile:

    To A Great Teacher - from Hallmark - Christmas album with a children's choir. It sold for $14.95 apparently as a gift for teachers. Whoever owned it wrote "good" on the jewel box so hey, I took a flyer. I like Christmas music and I like choirs. The back of the box promises this CD will "enhance the Christmas spirit."

    Sweet Relief II: Gravity of the Situation - from Columbia/Sony. This is a 1993 comp with alternative rock artists to help out musicians in need of medical care. Never heard of it before, but Tower sold it as a used copy for $6.99 and it features REM, Garbage, The Smashing Pumpkins, Hootie and others. Nice packaging.

    Moodfood by Moodswings - from Arista (1992). Who knows what this is. Maybe electronic/dance rock.

    Too Fast Times - Lexi Love from Second Skin. Another mystery disc that labeled dance & tech. Previously sold used for $9.99. I took a flyer. It's an import from England.

    Life in Cartoon Motion - Mika (Universal 2007). No clue. The only Mika I know is Mika Tan and I'm sure that's not the same. Says it is alternative. Previously sold used for $6.99. This is an import also and has a price sticker on it that says 5 pounds (plus Clubcard points too!). Cool jewel case I don't see in the USA.

    Shine, A Christmas Offering - Shannon and Jeffery B. Scott. This is an indy release and self pressed from 2009. The dude has his own website and prominently mentions he uses Paul Reed Smith guitars. So I figure, it must have some fine guitar work inside - right?

    That's it for now! What do you think, treasures or crapola?

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    I have not looked at thrift shops but we have a huge antiques store here in town with several dealers dedicated in used vinyl. One dealer is kind of overpriced on they offer, but another one has a great selection in fantastic condition! I should check out and see what the thrift stores have around here.
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    You should @Benno123. It can't hurt! Naturally thrift shops are very hit and miss in terms of selection and pricing. They sell CD's around here for far less than $1 to $4 each. Take advantage of sales and coupons too.
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