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Discussion in 'Music Square' started by Snowman, Nov 15, 2018.

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    All over the Internet I see people asking for an alternative to Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Well, here it is! The obnoxious behavior of the host and "gorts" (aka moderators) is a primary reason why I created Thrifty CDs.

    Despite my serious reservations with many SHF forum policies and the disrespectful behavior toward members, I was a member there for over 10 years. I enjoyed some of the discussions and fellow music lovers. Then I was banned last month for trivial reasons. You see, regardless of the contributions you made on the board, if you question any policy decision of the moderators, regardless of how absurd, unfair or ridiculous, you will likely be banned. There's about 10,000 other reasons you can be banned as well. And that's what happened to me, and countless others. IMHO, the host is very insecure, overly sensitive and has a inflated sense of self importance. I honestly believe that music fans deserve a better place to converse and I hope that this website flourishes in the future.

    In future posts, I will elaborate more on why this forum aspires to be better and also how it is different than Steve Hoffman's Forum.
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  2. Snowman

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    I saw this post recently on the Hydrogenaudio Forum which caters to audio technology enthusiasts. The (now closed) thread, started in 2008 is called "Alternatives to Steve Hoffman's Forums" and was started by "melvin.crain". Melvin writes:

    "Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any alternatives to the steve hoffman forums. I like the talk about music and the depth of knowledge of some of the members and the fact that a few industry people hang out there (although most seem to get fed up and leave after a while). But I can't stand the humourlessness, the insane over sensitivity, the hyperactive and heavy handed moderation, the nuking of any posts or threads that are in the least bit interesting, the pervasive acceptance of snake oil, the worship of flat transfers as the holy grail, the questionable ethics of the owner, I could go on."
    Wow, in ten years nothing has changed! In fact, I think things have gotten even worse there. Melvin's concerns about SHF are spot on. I don't really understand why people put up with it.

    I can promise you that this forum will have more humor and less sensitivity. Also, I moderate very lightly and encourage free speech as much as possible. The basic rules are be civil, no personal attacks, nothing illegal and no commercial posts.
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  3. Snowman

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    Also on Hydrogenaudio Forum, "foothilla" writes:

    I have also found several things that I don't like about Steve's forum.
    1) It's hyper-sensitively over moderated.
    2) It's loaded with Steve Hoffman fan boys that meltdown if you dare question anything his highness says.
    3) If you logically question any of Steve's comments or perspectives, the thread disappears.

    I too wish there was a less sensitive place to discuss music.
    He goes on say in a subsequent post:

    Instead of addressing his questionable comments, he just deleted the entire thread. There were 10 years of perspectives and energy put into that thread. Hundreds of people put time into that thread, just to have it deleted because Steve's love of flat transfers was logically called into question. It's Steve's forum, but it's the member's time and participation that make the forum as successful as it it. So, to me, it comes off as unappreciative and disrespectful to the members to handle it that way.
    So true foothill! This is exactly what I meant in my first post when I wrote that he is disrespectful to members. His arrogance is not acceptable. Just say no!

    On this forum, posts and threads will very rarely disappear. Also, threads will remain open indefinitely. There's just no reason to keep closing threads and starting new ones with the same topic.
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  4. audiomuchacha

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    I love it! Snowman, you are the best! So refreshing! I wish Thrifty CDs great success!!! :happy:
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